There are a few solid strategies you can use while playing at Unibet online NJ casino:

  • Look for games with high RTP: Slots and variety games are very randomized, which is why they tend to have the highest return-to-player (RTP) rates of all casino games. The RTP rate is the rate at which a game is expected to pay a player back over time. By playing games with high RTPs, you increase your chances of winning, whether that be small or large amounts.

  • Play skill- and choice-based games: Skill-based games like poker and video poker have you making strategic moves to outwit opponents, be they real people or computers. Choice-based games have you picking numbers to wager on that you think will hit. Having smaller amounts of control over what is mostly random chance can increase your chances of winning because you aren’t solely relying on random number generation to produce a win.

  • Manage your bankroll: You can also increase your chances of winning by spreading your money out over more plays of smaller individual wagers. That means better smaller amounts so you can play more rounds of your favorite games, thus increasing the chances you have of winning. Gambling strategies recommend wagering no more than 3% of your whole bankroll on an individual wager.

  • Take advantage of free plays and bonuses: Unibet has a welcome bonus and plenty of other promotions throughout the year that give you free play credits to play (and potentially win at) your favorite games. Even though you’ll have to wager your own money to meet play-through requirements, more chances to play means more chances to win.