There are a few strategies you can use to optimize your game play and increase your chances of winning while playing at SugarHouse online NJ casino:

  • Mitigate your losses: Know how much you’re willing to lose and stick to that amount. This strategy can prevent you from chasing a losing streak or losing track of how much money you’ve lost during your roll.

  • Manage your bankroll: It’s a good rule of thumb to wager no more than 3% of your total bankroll on a single wager. That can help you better spread out your money over multiple chances to win instead of blowing it in just a few rounds.

  • Focus on high-RTP games: You can increase how much money you’re likely to get from a game by choosing ones with a high return-to-player (RTP) rate. This rate tells you how much a game is expected to payout over time. Slots and some variety games tend to have high RTP because they’re totally random, no choice or skill involved. At SugarHouse, you can play games like Hyper Star slots, which has a 96.05% RTP or Bloodsuckers, which has an RTP of 98%.

  • Play choice- or skill-based games: You can better control the outcome when you’re the one calling the shots. That’s why choice-based games like roulette and skill games like video poker can increase your chances of winning…it’s not totally random chance. However, these games tend to have lower RTP rates, so the expected rate of return is lower than games like slots.

  • Take advantage of bonus opportunities: Bonuses and free play let you play your favorite games on the casino’s dime, meaning you get more chances to win without risking your own money. All of SugarHouse’s bonuses have a 1x play-through requirement, meaning you only have to wager the value of the bonus amount using your own money. That makes it pretty quick and easy to meet the requirements and be able to withdraw your winnings. In addition, this casino has a variety of bonuses, including daily free spins and free bingo games, bonus funds from its rewards program, and a generous welcome bonus.