Yes, you can earn rewards points as part of Mohegan Sun’s Stellar Rewards Program. And you automatically enroll in this rewards program when you make a Mohegan Sun online casino account and make your first deposit. No sign-up or opting in required. Plus, the rewards program is completely free to be a part of.

The Stellar Rewards program allows you to play your favorite games online and on the Mohegan Sun online NJ casino app. Every wager you make (using your own money, not bonus funds) on certain types of games earns you a Stellar Point:

  • You earn one (1) Stellar Point for every $1 wager on slots.

  • You earn one (1) Stellar Point for every $2 wager on Roulette.

  • You earn one (1) Stellar Point for every $4 wager on blackjack and video poker.

You can cash in Stellar Points (SPs) for cash. That means you can either keep those converted points in your Mohegan Sun bankroll to keep playing your favorite games with, or you can cash those converted points out for real money. Your current Stellar Rewards level determines how many Stellar Points it costs for $1 in cash. You can also convert your SPs into entries for awesome online giveaways.

As you earn Stellar Points, you can move up to higher loyalty program levels where you’ll earn more points faster and have even better perks, including double, triple, and quadruple the SP earning power on certain games. 

The tiers for the Stellar Rewards program include:

  • Aura: This is the base level of the Stellar Rewards program, and you stay at this level if you have less than 4,600 Stellar Points at the end of a calendar month. This level only gives you access to the casino’s typical offers and promotions. And it costs 1,150 SPs per $1.

  • Star: Star is the second level of the program, and you need between 4,600 and 45,999 Stellar Points in a month. It’s beneficial to move up to at least this level of the program so you can earn more points per wager. And it only costs 1,000 SPs per $1 to convert points to cash.

  • Nova: The Nova level requires 46,000 SPs in a month. While this may seem like a lot, you do get a decent boost in perks, such as higher deposit limits, an increase in SP earning power, and the ability to convert SPs for slots cash. Also, it only costs 570 SPs for $1 in cash.

  • Galaxy: The second-highest tier requires you to earn at least 200,000 SPs in a month. But this tier gets you all the perks of the previous levels plus in-person VIP events, luxury gifts, faster withdrawals, as well as exclusive discounts, promotions, and upgrades at Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City. If you want to convert your SPs to cash, the conversion rate is 285 SPs per $1.

  • Eclipse: The highest tier requires 500,000 SPs in a month, but you get all of the previous levels’ perks in addition to access to exclusive concerts and other live entertainment events and complimentary experiences at Resorts Casino Hotel. You can also get limo transportation at Resorts Casino Hotel in AC as well as Mohegan Sun locations in Pennsylvania and Connecticut for the ultimate VIP experience. Convert your SPs to cash for just 200 SPs per $1.

The amount of points you earn each month determines your level going into the next month and the applicable perks you have access to. If you are not able to hit the point threshold one month, you go down a level at the start of the next month. You can always check your Stellar Rewards account SP balance in the “Stellar Rewards” tab on the “My Account” page.