There are many strategies you can use to increase your chances of winning (or at least breaking even) and help you mitigate your losses while playing at Borgata online NJ casino

  • Play games with a high RTP: The return-to-player (RTP) is the rate at which a casino game is expected to pay out to players. Every game at an online casino has an RTP, but not all RTPs are made equal. Slots tend to have the highest RTP out of all casino games due to the randomness of gameplay. At Borgata online, you’re likely to find slots with an RTP of 95% and higher. Play a game like Bloodsuckers, which has an RTP of 98%, to optimize your bankroll.

  • Go for choice- or skill-based games: Choice-based games refer to those that have you selecting outcomes you want to bet on, such as in Roulette and Blackjack. Skill-based games are those that require strategic thinking and knowledge of the game, such as poker. Playing these games means you’ll be playing with a higher house edge, but you’ll have a level of control in the outcome that can improve your chances, especially if you’re really good at these games. 

  • Manage your bankroll: Your bankroll is the amount of money you give yourself to play with, and it’s incredibly important to manage this money well. Otherwise, you’re out of money faster and may be more tempted to add to your bankroll money you can’t actually afford. Common gambling strategies suggest wagering no more than 3% of your bankroll on a given bet.

  • Set loss limits: Setting and sticking to a loss limit can prevent you from chasing down a losing streak. Some people give themselves a moderate bankroll and allow themselves to lose it all as their loss limit. But they only do that if they know they can afford to lose their bankroll. Others set a specific percentage of their bankroll that they’re willing to lose and step away once they hit that point.

  • Take advantage of free play: Borgata online has a variety of free play offers for certain games, providing players with bonus money and free spins just for playing. Even if you don’t play those games normally, consider playing them anyway. That’s because you’re basically playing on the casino’s dime and not risking your own money when you play free spins and bonus money. These opportunities give you more chances to play and, potentially, win.