Yes, Resorts Casino online New Jersey casino has a loyalty program called Resorts Rewards with which you can collect points, known as “RPs,” and get awesome perks. Every player who creates an account and wagers real money on their favorite games is automatically enrolled in the Resorts Rewards program. No sign up or opting in required.

You earn RPs for wagering certain amounts on different games, and the wagering amount can vary by game type. For instance, you earn one (1) RP for every $2 wager on slots, but you earn one (1) RP for every $8 wager on video poker and table games other than Roulette and three-card poker.

The casino automatically tracks your points, and you can trade in points for entries into special giveaways, cash to use at the casino or on sports betting, or to cash out and use however you like. The number of points you need to convert to $1 in cash depends on your loyalty level. For instance, it costs 2,000 RPs for $1 in cash for bronze-level rewards members (the base tier), while it only costs 84 RPs for $1 in cash for Echelon Elite members (the second-highest tier). The highest tier, Echelon Black, is by invitation only after reaching and maintaining Echelon Elite status.

You can always see how many RPs you have, what loyalty level you are at, and how many RPs you are away from reaching the next loyalty level and getting even better perks. Reaching and maintaining a loyalty level requires a certain number of RPs earned on a monthly basis. You can check your RPs and loyalty level by clicking on the “My Account” button at the top of the site.

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