Yes, you can play Virgin Casino online NJ casino games using their mobile app. You can play your favorite casino games on iOS and Android devices.

For iOS devices like iPhones and iPads, go to the Apple App Store, search “Virgin Casino,” and download from there. The app, called “Virgin Casino: Play Slots,” should be the very first item in the search results, and it’s free to download and access.

For Android smartphones and tablets, go to the Google Play Store, search “Virgin Casino,” and click “Install.” The app, called “Virgin Casino: Real Money Slots, Roulette, & Casino,” should be the first item in the search results. It’s free to download and access.

Both apps require you to login to your Virgin Casino account before playing. You’ll find a wide variety of games that you typically play on the computer in a mobile-friendly format, including slots, casino games, and online bingo.