You can optimize your playing strategy to increase your chances of winning and mitigate losses while playing your favorite games at Stardust online New Jersey casino

First, you have to decide what “winning” means to you. Does it mean leaving the casino with more money than you had when you started? Does it mean having a lot more money than what you started with? Or does it mean being able to break-even? Once you know what winning means to you, you’ll be able to select games that allow you to have the type of control you want in your gambling and help you mitigate losses.

Here are some ways you can better your chances for winning while playing at Stardust Casino:

  • Choose games with high RTP: The return-to-player (RTP) rate is the average rate a game is expected to pay out to the player over time. Games with a high RTP mean they pay out more over time, so those are the ones you want to spend your time at to increase your chances of staying ahead or breaking even. You’ll find a lot of 95% RTP slots and variety games at Stardust, but look for games with an RTP of 98%, like Blood Suckers.

  • Play games that give you more control over the outcome: Games like Roulette and blackjack let you make a choice during play, which gives you more control over the outcome. Skill-based games, like video poker and table poker, also give you more control over the outcome. These games have a higher house edge because of this extra control but can be rewarding.

  • Take advantage of Free Play and similar opportunities: Stardust offers other bonus opportunities where you can get Free Play credits for wagering a certain amount on specific games or just risk-free play credits for specific games. These bonuses give you more money to play with that isn’t your deposit, which gives you more opportunities to play and win.

  • Set wagering and loss limits: You should always be managing your bankroll, or the amount of money you have to play with. Know what your max wager is for each of your favorite games, and have a hard “out,” or total loss number at which you stop playing. Both of these strategies can help you mitigate losses and prevent your from chasing down a losing streak.