Yes, Stardust has a loyalty rewards program where you can earn points for every wager you make while playing your favorite games. This program is called the Stardust Casino VIP program, and every Stardust Casino account holder automatically becomes a member when they start racking up points, known as Tier Points.

To gain points, all you have to do is make wagers of a certain amount on different game types. You earn a different number of points based on the wager amount and game type. For example, you earn five (5) Tier Points for every $1 wager you make while playing slots, three (3) Tier Points for every $1 wager on Roulette, video poker, and table games, and one (1) Tier Point for every $1 you wager on Blackjack. You cannot earn Tier Points when playing Craps or Poker Bet, and you cannot earn Tier Points when wagering with bonus funds.

Every month, you either increase or maintain your status in one of the five VIP Tiers. And each tier comes with its own perks. 

  • VIP Iron: This is the base level for Stardust’s loyalty program. You automatically gain this level when you register an account, and you don’t have to earn any amount of Tier Points to maintain this level. The conversion rate from Tier Points to cash is 5,000 Tier Points per $1.

  • VIP Bronze: You must earn 25,000 Tier Points in a month to reach the second tier, and you must earn at least 12,500 Tier Points in a month to maintain this status. The conversion rate is 4,000 Tier Points per $1 cash.

  • VIP Silver: You must earn 200,000 Tier Points in a month to reach the middle tier and 100,000 to maintain this status. You can turn 3,000 Tier Points into $1 cash, and you also get access to special VIP bonus promotions.

  • VIP Gold: This tier requires you to earn 500,000 Tier Points in one month, and then 250,000 points the next month to maintain this status. The conversion rate is just 2,000 for $1 cash. In addition to VIP bonus offers, you also get invitations to VIP events and special giveaways.

  • VIP Platinum: You must earn 2,500,000 Tier Points (that’s 2.5 million!) in a month to earn the highest status, and you must maintain it by earning 1,250,000 (1.25 million!) Tier Points the next month. You can get $1 in cash for just 1,000. In addition to all the perks you get with VIP Gold status, you also get a personal VIP Host. The major perks of this tier require invitation from the VIP Team.

Other benefits to leveling up in this loyalty program include prioritized customer service, personalized swag, and tickets to exclusive events.