Winning at Tropicana online gambling depends on many factors. First, it depends on your definition of winning — many high-stakes gamblers might not consider it a win unless the jackpot is large while other casino players consider breaking-even a win. 

The general definition of a gambling win is any payout exceeding the wager amount. So, to increase your odds of winning while gambling online at Tropicana NJ casino you should:

  1. Choose a game with high Return-to-Player (RTP): game’s RTP refers to the rate at which that game returns money back to the player. For example, a game with a 98% RTP returns $98 to the player for every $100 wagered. The higher the RTP, the less likely you are to lose money on that game (which increases your odds of winning — albeit at a lower rate). No game will ever have an RTP over 100%, but you should try to find the highest possible.

  2. Gamble where you have more control: You can increase your chances of winning at Tropicana by picking a game that gives you more control over the outcome. Slots tend to have the highest RTP, but you have no control of the outcome which means you’re subject to the whims of the reels. However, there are other ways to gamble that offer you more control of the outcome. For example, blackjack and roulette are two casino games that give players control of their decisions. Both of these casino games give players around a 50% chance of winning, and have strategies within them that create variance. You can also increase your chances of winning if you have expertise in a game such as sports betting or poker. In short, if you play a game that gives you control of your decisions and you have experience and are comfortable with that game — you can increase your odds of winning.

  3. Use your free plays: Tropicana offers new and current players a lot of promotions and bonuses. Whether you’re taking advantage of Tropicana’s sign-up bonus or their weekly slot promotion, you can use these promos to earn free play credits on your account. By gambling with free credits, you’re essentially playing with house money and have nothing of your own to lose. While you may have to use some of your own money to acquire Rewards Credits, once you have them — use them.

  4. Mitigate your risk: Winning at gambling is sometimes about mitigating losses. This includes losing frequency and scale. While you can’t prevent losing while gambling online at Tropicana, you can gamble smarter which will help you avoid huge losses or feeding into a losing streak. Consider setting personal limits both in your wager amounts and the time you commit to playing. Typical bankroll management suggests never wagering more than 3% of your bankroll on any single bet. This simple tip will keep you from gambling above your means or when you’re on tilt.