No, not all casino games count equally toward wagering requirements in all cases. Some online casinos set up bonuses with full play wagering requirements, meaning you can play any game in their catalog and your bets equally go toward the requirements. However, due to the fact that some online casino games are more easily won than others, such as those that require skill to play rather than relying just on luck, online casinos may disqualify certain games from counting toward wagering requirements.

Some online casinos limit players vying for the special bonus to wager on luck games like slots or specialty games that don’t require skill. This is to help the online casino ensure that they can still remain profitable.

You can learn more about an online casino’s wagering requirements for a specific bonus by reviewing the terms and conditions, where they must outline which games are eligible and which are not. That way you know where to bet your money if you want to earn the bonus. And if you don’t clear the wagering bonus, you may not be eligible to cash out your winnings until you do.