Many online casinos offer fantastic bonuses including:

  • No-deposit bonuses: No-deposit bonuses refer to free plays, free money, or other bonuses that an online casino gives you without having to deposit money. However, you may have to meet deposit requirements in order to cash out any winnings you may have earned from the bonus.

  • Game-specific bonuses: Some online casinos may provide free plays and money for specific game types, such as slots, video poker, and specialty games. Others will offer special winnings bonuses when you win on certain games.

  • Cash-back bonuses: A cash-back bonus can refer to any online casino that offers your bet back, up to a certain amount, if you don’t win. Be sure to read the terms, conditions, and regulations regarding cash-back bonuses to know exactly what you need to play, how much you need to bet, and what constitutes “not winning” to get your cash back.

  • Free play on certain games: Some online casinos will provide free spins on slots, a certain number of hours to play a specific game, or free money to play a game. These bonuses can be part of a sign-up offer or part of a regular offering for special members.

  • Free day of play: Other online casinos provide players a full day of free play or a certain number of hours of free play. In many cases, free play is limited to specific types of games, while other casinos may allow you to free play all of their game library.

  • Multi-deposit bonuses: If you hit a certain number of deposits or reach a certain amount of money deposited during a specific time frame, you may be rewarded with free plays or free money from the online casino.

  • Free play money: Many online casinos offer a certain amount of free money for you to play with, often as part of a sign-up bonus. However, there are often deposit and play requirements you have to meet in order to truly earn the bonus and cash out the winnings you may have earned while playing on that bonus money.

  • Deposit-matching bonuses: Some online casinos will match a certain percentage of your deposit after reaching a certain amount or other playing or betting conditions.

Any of these bonus types may come in the form of:

  • A sign-up special.

  • Just playing a certain game for a certain amount of wagers or time.

  • Entering a bonus or coupon code when you log into your account and go to make a deposit.

  • Taking another action, like reaching out to customer service or sending an email.

  • Links from promotional newsletters and emails when you’re part of an online casino’s mailing list.

  • Offers from being enrolled in a loyalty program or other special membership with an online casino.

Like with all types of online casino bonuses, be sure to read the terms, conditions, and rules to make sure you know what the bonus really entails in terms of depositing requirements, betting requirements, betting on certain games, and other limitations. This can help reduce confusion when it comes time to cash out your bonus winnings.