Many online casinos take PayPal for depositing money for bets and for paying out winnings because of the platform’s security and convenience. 

Some New Jersey online casinos that take PayPal include:

Here are some ways you can check which online casinos take PayPal:

  • Read online casino reviews for payment options.

  • Check out the payment options (or banking options) page on online casino websites you’re considering joining.

  • Search the front page of an online casino’s site, usually near the bottom or in the menu, for a quick view of their accepted payment/depositing options.

If you want to use PayPal at an online casino, make sure that you review the depositing and payout limitations outlined by the casino and follow the withdrawal and depositing rules of PayPal and your banking institution. Doing so can ensure that you better avoid overusing the platform for depositing before you are done playing and keep your money as secure as possible.