Whether or not an online casino bonus is worth your time, effort, and money depends on:

  • Which games you play: If the bonus is only good for games that you aren’t interested in playing or on games that have low odds, the bonus may not be worth it for you.

  • The house edge on those games: All online casino games have a house edge, and some may have a higher or lower edge. The edge for a game may impact how long you have to play before you actually make a profit, so this time commitment may not make the bonus worth it for you.

  • The wagering requirements of a bonus: Casino bonuses also have wagering requirements you need to hit before you can cash out a bonus. Sometimes, only a percentage of each bet goes toward reaching your wagering requirements, meaning you have to spend more money and play for longer periods of time.

Some other restrictions regarding bonuses include:

  • Maximum bet sizes, which prevent you from betting large amounts to earn your wagering requirement faster.

  • Time limits to meet your wagering requirement and earn the bonus.

  • Max cashout cap, which limits the amount you can cashout from the bonus.

All of these restrictions and requirements should be clearly laid out in the terms and conditions. Determine if the commitment and requirements are worth it for you.

Types on online casino bonuses

Here are some common types of online casino bonuses you may encounter:

  • No-Deposit Bonus: This bonus doesn’t require you to deposit money into your account for you to play. While playing with free money sounds great, the conditions of this bonus are often that you have to meet certain play requirements (of dozens or hundreds of plays) before you can cashout. Plus, the cashout amount may also be limited. 

  • Free Spins Bonus: If slots is your game, then this bonus can be awfully tempting as a newcomer to an online casino site. This bonus can be good value with no deposit, but you have to be mindful of the limitations, such as few paylines.

  • Deposit-Match Bonus: This is one of the most common bonuses, and it involves the casino matching your qualifying deposit amount so you can play for longer. However, be sure to check that the matching is a decent percentage, the play-through requirements are fair (such as 30 times your deposit or lower), and that the casino doesn’t place a max cashout cap on your winnings.