While online casino games are programmed with a house edge, they are created by third-party developers that use random number generation (RNG) systems to ensure every player has the same chance of winning and that the casino does not have an overpowering advantage that we’d associate with rigging.

Why do online casino games have a house edge?

A house edge is the slight advantage of the player losing and the house (the casino) keeping the player’s bet without having to payout a prize. This advantage is how casinos (both land-based and online) make money and stay in business to provide fun games for you to enjoy. If there was no house edge, then the casino would not be able to sustain its operations.

How do casinos ensure there is no rigging?

To make sure that online casinos are as fair as possible without compromising the house edge, regulatory and licensing organizations require casinos to:

  • Complete regular audits: Not only do auditors carefully review online casinos’ handling of deposits, withdrawals, and winning payouts, special game auditors assess an online casino’s games for fairness. They determine if the game is truly random by testing the RNG being used in the game. They also make sure that the algorithm is intact and that the game hasn’t been tampered with.

  • Purchase software and games from trusted, third-party developers: The software used by online casinos is made by well-regarded developers and, before release, is tested and certified for fairness by trusted organizations like eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA).

  • Use the SHA-3 Hash algorithm: This algorithm is used to prevent the RNGs that fuel online casino games from being tampered with. During an audit, the algorithm’s integrity is tested.

While there have been a few instances in the past of rigging, fraud, and unfair play (all of which have been resolved), online casinos worth your salt (and money) take these and other steps to prevent rigging and maintain fairness that keeps players coming back to have fun and win money.