Casino terms and conditions are the legal rules and regulations that an online casino requires players to agree to before using their online gambling services. When you agree to an online casino’s terms and conditions, you let the company know that you have read these rules, will abide by them, and accept responsibility for breaking these rules. In addition, terms and conditions (T&C) also outline how the online casino bonuses work, including how they’re able to use their bonus and whether they can withdraw it for cash.

Here are some of the most common elements in the terms and conditions from online casinos:

Age Requirements

While you need to be at least 18 years old to play in online casinos, some casinos only let players who are 21 years old and over to play. These age requirements will likely be advertised on the casino’s site in addition to being included in the terms and conditions that you’ll have to sign before being allowed to play.

Cash Bonus vs. Play Bonus

An online casino’s terms and conditions should outline the difference between cash bonuses and play bonuses. For example, the T&C will describe how players can withdraw their cash bonus after meeting wagering requirements, while the T&C will explain that a play bonus only allows players to play more of the platform’s games for free. 

Wagering Requirements

Many online casinos offer bonuses, but they also include requirements for players to meet before they can withdraw their bonus. Online casinos may require players to bet a certain number of times or a certain amount of money. 

Wagering Time Limits

Many online casinos also require players to wager a certain amount of money or number of times within a specific time frame in order to earn their bonus money. These guidelines will also be in the terms and conditions.

Payment Option Limitations

Online casinos can choose which payment options they allow players to receive their earnings through. In the terms and conditions, the online casino will outline which payment options are acceptable, including traditional online banking, online payment platforms, cryptocurrency wallets, and more. However, online casinos can also bar the use of online payment platforms or e-wallets.

Withdrawal and Betting Limits

Many online casinos cap the size of the bets players can make using bonus money and how much they can earn off of bonus money. The terms and conditions should outline these caps and withdrawal limitations to inform players of how they can use their bonus money.

Low-Risk Games Exclusion

Many online casinos place limitations on how players can reach wagering requirements to earn their bonuses. One limitation is requiring players to use higher-risk betting games, like slots, to meet their wagering requirements. The T&C will outline which types of games are eligible to be played as part of meeting betting requirements.